Legacy of the Unity

Adventure - The Fallen Urr'Rock

The new team of Skylar Knights is dispatched via the Astral Ship Ranger to investigate the disappearance of a Nilian merchant vessel known as the Bold Venture. It was on a trading mission to the Menthean city of Urr’Rock when it was last heard from. Now, neither the Urr’Rock or the Bold Venture can be hailed by the Unity.

When the Ranger arrives at the last known location of the Urr’Rock, they make a grim discovery. The giant Dragon Turtle that acts as home and ship for the Mentheans has been struck by some sort of large object and its shell was broken. The small town that it usually supports had fallen into the now frozen and seemingly dead astral beast.

The team sets down to investigates and comes across a strange hostile alien insectoid lifeform that they are quick to dispatch. They are able to rescue some of the surviving Mentheans and learn that something has been stealing from them and leaving them for the dead. It is when they come across active members of the Bold Venture that they learn the crew of the merchant ship has been illegally salvaging the ship. After arresting two of the crew, the team comes across a member of the nomadic githzerai who is trying to resuscitate the dragon turtle.

Lustre, a Menthean Warden on the team, makes the attempt. However, as valiant as his attempt is, the Dragon Turtle perishes. Meanwhile, the Bold Venture makes an escape. Their new Githzerai ally goes after the Bold Venture by his own means of astral travel while the Knights go to confront the strange new alien threat.

Apparently, the alien insectoids travel in meteorite like ships that launch spores. It is a strange combination of two separate races. A seemingly bestial type and a larger, arachnid like intelligent race. The Knights dispatch the monstrous alien and recover the strange craft for research.

Notable Events:

  • “Bug Stomping!”: Rance, the elven Barbarian, decides to go on a bug stomping rampage. He takes out three minion bugs in one turn.
  • “You’re some kind of smart bug…”: The Menthean Bear-type Monk single-handedly jumped a large crevasse to take on the monstrous big-bug leader and its hatchlings with its own two bear-clawed-fists!



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