Legacy of the Unity

Words of the Ascendency

Fresh from the Unity Academy, a new band of Skylar Knights is dispatched by Director Thaelin to ensure that a demonstration by a new group known as the Ascendancy doesn’t go astray. The heroes diplomatically settled a conflict between members of the Order of Concordance and the Ascendancy and then followed Dr. Artan to the tavern known as the Professor’s Study. They spoke with him and learned about the Ascendancy’s philosophies – they wish to make man immortal through the binding of the soul to the golem machine. Artan’s wife showed up and they had a fight. She informed the party of where to find Dr. Artan. He had been spending the time since his dismissal from the Liendel Foundation working at Immortal Press.

Investigation of Immortal Press led to the discovery of a secret laboratory in which the Doctor had been performing banned, illegal experiments upon Ascendants. The Knights arrested several scientists but not before Dr. Artan attempted Ascension. The Ascension Drive failed, however, replacing his life force with negative energy and reanimating him as a zombie-like creature along with several other preserved dead who were hoping to join him in Ascension. The players dispatched the foul monsters and managed to shut down and recover the Ascension Drive for research, arresting the surviving scientists.



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