Legacy of the Unity

Background Story - Trouble Brewing

Beset with problems, a new team of Skylar Knights is born...

D&D Legacy of the Unity – Trouble Brewing
by James Pickens

Mira Skylar sat in the large, quiet office of the Captain of the Skylar Knights looking down at her mug of coffee. On her desk was a pile of different reports. Sightings of strange flying objects in the Unity’s astral space. The rise of the ideological group known as the Ascendency. Stories of goblin infestations in the lower decks of the ships. It had only been two weeks since the Unity’s launch and she was already getting plagued with problems.

“You looked stressed, my Captain,” a young woman said, letting herself into the Captain’s office without a knock or anything. She was a human woman, shorter than Captain Skylar, with long pale hair and a soft smile. She wore a long flowing dress, with a buttoned up tunic in the blue and white colors of the Unity Academy, “Anything I can help you with?”

Mira spoke as the young woman came over to her side, “Not unless you can make this ship run smoothly. I knew this would be tough, but I never expected we’d be running into so many problems so fast.”

Alyessa Tyris walked behind the Captain and began to gently massage her shoulders, “Tense already, Captain. That can’t be good.”

“I haven’t been sleeping well,” Mira admitted.

“I can tell,” Alyessa replied, looking down at the papers, “Maybe I can help. I got a few new graduates that might be up your alley. They’ve expressed interest in working with the Knights.”

“Oh?” Mira said as Alyessa fetched a scroll from her dress. She set it upon her desk and unfurled it, returning to her massage as the Knight Captain looked it over, “Huh… a Warden… a Sorcerror… a… a Barbarian?! We have berserkers on board this ship… in your academy?!”

Alyessa pressed hard down upon the Captain’s shoulder blades, causing her to flinch, “Hey now! You have Zyrians within your rank! Just sixty years ago, that would have seemed insane! Why don’t you give him a chance? Our school teaches him to control his rage and use it positively.”

Mira sighed, “Well, I guess if anything, we can give them something simple. Maybe they can go make sure nothing happens at that Ascendency rally…”

That brought a smile to Alyessa’s face, “That’s the spirit! I’ll send them over to the keep in an hour! Give em over to Thaelin.”

Mira finally sipped her coffee, “That’s one issue down. Only a billion more to go.”

“You are being way to pessimistic for a Skylar, my dear” Alyessa pointed out as Mira started to shuffle through her paperwork once more.



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