Legacy of the Unity

Background Story - Regrets Away

Background Story – Regrets Away

“How is the weather there?” Mira asked a seemingly positively radiant Alyessa Tyris.

Her body shimmered golden, a side-effect of astral communication, a sly grin of her face, “Perfect. Its like a resort world down here. Ancient ruins to explore. Nice swampy humidity. Real nice get away world.”

Mira sighed, “I wish I could be down there. That’s the kind of thing I should be involved in. Exploring ancient ruins and meeting new cultures. That’s the sort of thing my family’s known for.”

“First of all,” Alyessa began, “Your family was known for usually breaking, destroying, and making a mess of ancient cultures and their ruins. I swear the only reason people still trust the Knights is the fact that they managed to save the world on multiple occasions. Gods only know how they managed that one. Second of all, you are the Captain. Your place is right there on that ship.”

“I know, I know,” Mira playfully pouted, then shifted to a more serious tone, “Anything to report, Headmistress.”

“Indeed,” she said, also shifting into a more professional composure, “Just to add salt to your wounds… apparently the Mentheans and us aren’t the only ones crawling around on this damned pit of a world.”

That certainly got Mira to sit up in her chair. Gromthak was supposed to be a lonely, mostly wet world. Vast swamps covered it equitorial regions and only subsided to wild tundras and frozen ice-caps. An old Menthean colony was shared with the Ionas somewhere between the two climate zones in the closest facsimile of comfort that could be found on the world. There was originally no signs of intelligent life upon the world.

But then a Menthean hunting team discovered a cliff that seemed to be sculpting its face into what appeared to be the facade of a fortress. Alyessa was sent with a contengient of scientists from the Liendel Foundation to investigate them. Mira certainly didn’t expect to hear that the people of this stone fortress had already been met.

“W-what are they?” Mira asked.

“Well, that’s just it. By all descriptions we’ve gotten, they are goblins.”

Mira grimmaced. Early in her career, she had to deal with the strange and disgusting small green alien race. They were hidden away in the ancient Drifting Stones in the Iona System. But her disgust turned to curiosity, “Wait… goblins are on Gromthak?”

“Yes,” Alyessa said, nodding her head, “We don’t think they are responsible for this… I mean, they can’t be if they are anything like you told me… but its curious that an alien race from our system is in the Titan Spheres. It makes me more excited to know whats in that fortress growing out here. But… we have a problem.”

“You need to get through those goblins,” Mira replied, her thoughts matching her Liendel counterpart.

“Precisely. How are those knights that I sent you?” Alyessa asked.
“Doing well. You’re not about to ask for a return, are you?” Mira said with a sly smile.

“Indeed,” she said, “that was just what I was thinking…”



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