Captain Mira Skylar

Knight-Captain of the Unity's Skylar Knights


Born in 2115 OR, Mira Skylar is the 4th Generation Captain of the Skylar Knights. While her father remains Lord-Captain of the Skylar Knights on her homeworld of Iona, she is the Captain of the Nilian Union’s long range colonization expeditions into the deep Astral Seas. She began working with her father and the Skylar Knights very early into her life, working with the Automated-Automata Darkas to discover the dark secrets of the Liendel Foundation’s Automata program. After playing a great part into that, she went into space and would play a large part in the construction of the Nilian Union’s Unity project, later becoming its chief guardian. It was during this time that she would forge her friendship with Alyessa Tyris, the future Headmistress of the Unity Academy.

Mira is a very dedicated Captain. While the Skylar Knights have evolved, she still has her family’s strong belief in aiming towards unification and the betterment of people with her knights. She has a strong sense of justice, but is motivated primarily towards the good of the Unity instead of the laws set by the Union. She is a bold speaker at many of the Council of the Union’s meetings that is only tempered by what she perceives as her own youthfulness (Even if her elven blood makes her older than many of the Council’s members.)

Captain Mira Skylar

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