Director Thaelin

Veteran dwarven warrior who now directs the Skylar Knights in missions


The warrior Thaelin Varanos was a member of the Ironcross clan who was the leader of the guardians for Phae’ros Ironcross during the construction of the Unity. When the goblin outbreak of 2169 OR begins, it was Thealin who protected the dwarven prince from the strange green aliens. Defending the prince cost him much of his face and his main arm as three of the creatures were upon him, tearing at him. But he still managed to kill two of them and get the dwarven prince away before succumbing to his injuries.

What would have killed a man did not stop the old, grizzled dwarf and his bravery impressed the young Captain Skylar who personally begged for his assistance as a member of the council for her Skylar Knights. Director Thealin now serves the Skylar Knights as the main point of contact for new recruits to the Knights. He uses his amazing experience to try and guide new Knights so that they too many live as long as he has…

Rumor has it that his former off-hand is now just as capable as the arm he lost in battle.

Director Thaelin

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