Continuing today’s info-dump on my latest campaign setting for D&D is a quick overview of the politics of the Unity fleet. This is an entirely optional one to read as its mostly just historical and political information. Good if you want to work it into your background, but not nessicary for playing the game. Feel free to give it a browse at your leisure.

Politics of the Unity
The Unity is by-far the largest project undertaken by the Nilian Union and its allies. A massive Astral Ship of nearly 2250 square miles on its surface alone, it is made up of many city-states that harken back to the homeworld of Iona. Heirarchy descends from the Council of the Union to the Wings of the Unity and lastly to the Unified Organizations.

Council of the Union and The Principality
The Council represents the various nations of the Nilian Union that are member states of the Unity project. On the Council are representatives from the Crossroads Republic, the Ironcross Consortium, the United Nuterra Kingdoms, the Zyrian Empire, the Holy Order of Kravalis, and the Circle of Ath. Each leader of the representative states are known as Principals and form an inner circle known as the Principality. They are the source of most of the missions for the Skylar Knights, usually undersigned by one or more of the Principals. While they show a face of solidarity on the surface, many of the old tensions between the nations have been carried into the stars. In particular is the ideological rivalry between the Order of Kravalis and the Zyrian Empire. Knights should be wary of missions that seem to hold a bias for one of these Principals.(Greater information on the Principality and the nations of the Union will be covered later on. Folks who are familar with my stories will note that many of the nations of the Union are derived from my earlier Legends of Skylar stories and are the progressive descendants of these nations. A history of Iona and Nilias is also on my list of things to cover.)

The Wings of the Unity – The Skylar Knights and The Liendel Foundation
Two organizations are formally referred to as the Wings of the Unity. The Skylar Knights and the Liendel Organization have mostly had strong ties since the first War of the Scishm centuries ago and were the founders of the Unity project. As such, they make up two advisory councils in charge of separate areas of the Unity’s mission. The Liendel Foundation is in charge of the scientific work of the Unity while the Skylar Knights have been placed in the fleet’s guardianship and military force. Informally, the Academy of Unity is also a part of the Wings as it is mostly influenced by the Skylar Knights and the Liendel Foundation.

The Skylar Knights
Founded in 1983 OR, the Skylar Knights were a reaction to the growing schisms in the people of Nilias by Taris Skylar for the fledgling Crossroads Republic. In the next century it would serve as defenders of liberty among the people of the Crossroads and would become the catalyst for the unification movement under the leadership of Taris’ sons Teridos and Tolarin. In 2101, the Skylar Knights would be come an international force under the guidance of the newly formed Nilian Union under the stalwart leadership of Teryn Skylar. (The son of Tolarin Skylar.) Teryn Skylar would lobby for the proposal of the Unity Project with the Liendel Foundation. His daughter, Mira Skylar would become Knight-Captain of the Unity’s own Skylar Knights. A practical woman, she has set the knights in the fashion of a private military force to be used by the Principality and the factions of the Unity. Whereas previous the Knights were a force that operated upon the sole principal of defending the Crossroads, the modern Skylar Knights of 2188 operate as commercial mercenaries that try to be non-partisan in their actions on board the Unity. Knights with a variety of different talents and skills undertake missions of their choosing, those missions having been offered by the Knight-Captain and her advisers. In the context of the game, this means that players are free to choose which factions they will work for and what they are willing to do. This isn’t simply a means to allow you to choose your adventures, however. Supporting a faction or choosing certain actions may alter what your character can and can’t do and will shape the overall campaign setting in some cases.

The Liendel Foundation
An organization of magical science that was founded in 2078 OR by the wizard Alyn Liendel. They were long-time supporters of the Skylar Knights and rose to prominence as brilliant magical scientists with the advent of the Nilian Union. Their greatest work is certainly the Astral Gate system and the Astral Drive. These amazing technologies would bring all of Nilias and her sister nations on Iona closer together. It would also give the people of Iona the means to travel beyond their world.

However, not all of the Liendel Foundation’s work has been so charitable in the past. During the Second War of the Schism, the Nuterran Kingdoms authorized the Liendel Foundation to create mobile weapons known as Automata Armor to supplement their forces against the demonic blooded Zyrians. Towards the end of the war came the advent of Automated Automata, sentient soldiers that could fight for the Nuterran Kingdoms. These are the people who would later become autonomous citizens known as the Ascended. (Warforrged in Eberron.) It would be discovered that the Ascended were actually forged using the souls of the undead. This created great controversy among the Order of Concordance, saying that much like the Zyrians and the empires of old, that the Liendel Foundation is straying off The Path and that its hubris would surely cause a calamity to occur. While most agreed that the Foundation wasn’t pushing towards calamity, the unsettling nature of the Ascended forced an agreement upon the Foundation that no more Automata-Ascended would be created.

As the Unity is on the forefront of the new frontier, the Liendel Foundation makes up the most influential organization on board the Unity and her fleet. Many reconnaissance missions across the stars are sponsored by the Liendel Foundation and many more Knights can be expected to take on missions testing Liendel ideas and theories.

The Academy of Unity
Located in the Phae’ros Mountains of the central island is the Academy of Unity. This is the Unity’s first university for studies. Originally founded by Alyessa Tyris and Mira Skylar, concerns from the Council of the Union opened it up to sponsorship and participation by many of the Unified Organizations that exist on the ship. However, almost every member of both the Skylar Knights and the Liendel Foundation attended the Academy and Alyessa and Mira both continue to speak to every class that passes through the great hall of the Unity. Alyessa serves as the current Headmistress of the Academy.

The Unified Organizations
The Unified Organizations is the final tier of Unity government. They are made up of the various guilds that operate on board the ship. Most famous of these are the Crossroads Merchants, a Halfling-owned trade guild that uses the Unity as its base of operations for trade in the Astral Seas. Also notable is the Ironcross Mining Company, a state sponsored mining guild by the dwarven nation of the Ironcross Consortium. The religious groups of the Order of the Concordance and the Followers of Zyr also fall into this tier. (More information on the Order and the Followers will be given in the note on Religions of the Unity.)


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