This document needs heavy revision as much of it has changed as we’ve defined the setting. I’m posting it as a quick reference to be replaced by a more in-depth and accurate article. Shifters, I’m looking at you…

The People of the Unity

These are the current playable races in the campaign. I believe that’s most of the races from the three core books, plus the Warforged from Eberron. Devas and Gnomes are currently unplayable for reasons of my own. (Gnomes haven’t been a part of my world, may appear at some point in this game… same with Devas. They may be playable at a later point.) The following is a short look at each of the races and where they may be found and doing on the Unity. Player characters, of course, do not need to follow these stereotypes.

Humanity – The most numerous of peoples among the Unity fleet is that of humanity. Hailing from across all of Iona, humanity has been at the heart of many of the world’s greatest triumphs and failures. They make up a vast majority of the fleet’s population and are at the heart of many of its organizations.
Humans find themselves in all forms of roles in away missions and fleet operations.

Dwarves – Another very strong element of the Unity fleet comes from the Allied Kingdoms of Ironcross. Aerios Ironcross, son of the Great King, personally led the construction aspects of the Unity herself. Many dwarves usually find themselves as prospectors and guardians in missions.

Elves/Eladrin – The Circle of Ath is the primary elven nation and makes up the third pillar of the Unity fleet. In legend, the Eladrin traveled the astral seas in an energy form that has been long forgotten when they settled upon Iona. Athians tend to be the diplomats, leaders, wizards, and advisers to away teams.

Half-Elves – Half-Elves are a majority of the population of the Crossroads Republic and blends in perfectly with the Unity and her people. Half-Elves exists in most nations of Nilias and can be found in virtually every role in the Skylar Knights and the Unity.

Halflings – The ingenious halfling tribe known as the Crossroads Merchants have taken to space for new opportunities. They primarily exist in diplomatic and mercantile roles but hushed talk speaks of Halflings that peruse more… shady causes… in the astral seas.

Tieflings – These are the so-called demon blooded of Zyrius. They used complex genetic magical engineering to siphon strands of magical energy from a fallen being upon their world to recreate themselves in a new form. Many of the Tieflings have taken to the Astral Seas in search of the source of their power. Tieflings typically serve in magical assistance, but sometimes use their darker talents in other fashions for the Unity fleet.

Dragonborn – The most recently known race by the Nilian Union is the Dragonborn. These legendary humanoids are the eyes and ears of the Draconic nations known as The Watch and the Overworld. They serve all forms of roles for the Unity fleet but report directly to the Watchmen of the Unity.

Goliaths – Goliaths were an attempt by humans of the Watchlands to use the magical genetic engineering of the Dwarves to create an efficent race to survive in the mountains of the Watchlands. Similar to the Dragonborn and the Minotaurs, they are new to the Nilian Union and serve diverse roles.

Minotaurs – These were counter-servants of the Dragonborn, forged by the draconic masters to watch over the dwarves under the directorship of The Watch. They are new to the Union and serve diverse roles.

Shifters – Very weak population – an experiment by druids of the Great Oaks to create a race of humans more in-tune with nature.

Wilders – A rare form of Eladrin born in the Feywild. Very few exists on the Unity.

Ascended (Warforged) – One of the legacies of the Nilian Schism, a scientist of the Liendel Foundation created soldiers for use by the Nuterran Kingdoms. These Automata Soldiers would later be understood to be animated by the souls of the dead that naturally flowed through the world. Given independence, the Automata would later be known as Ascended. A current movement exists on the Unity to allow for the creation of more Ascended, including those who believe that transcending death when man has the means should be taken at the first chance. Ascended fill out numerous roles on the Unity and are working hard to prove themselves upon the ship.

Half-Orcs – Orcs on Iona were the first result of magical genetic engineering performed by an ancient Dwarven civilization that predated many of the Nilian nations. After the fall of this legendary empire, Orcs became the wild creatures known across the world of Iona. One of the painful and tragic results of this are half-orcs. Carrying the hardy genetics of the orcs, Half-Orcs struggle to find a position for themselves on Iona. Failing to do so, many joined the Unity fleet in search of finding a place for themselves in the Astral Seas.

Githzerai – The first alien race discovered by the Unity fleet, the Githzerai are travelers across the Astral Sea. In their legends, they battled for freedom from an ancient alien empire across the stellar verse. The Gith, as they are informal (and sometimes degrading called), are divided into two cultures: the Githzerai and the Githyanki. The Githzerai became wandering monks of the astral seas and shortly into the Unity’s journey was discovered. Some Gith have signed on to the Unity to act as an adviser for the fleet. Others may be found in deep Astral Space and could be the start of an adventure.


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