*This is a work in progress and will likely be updated as I continue to flesh out the setting. It is based off my rough notes and primarily based upon the Skylar family and the events in their stories. Hopefully, this will go further. Years are noted just numerically… in the game universe, they are recorded as XXXX OR. (Ordained Reckoning) 1 OR was the formal founding of the Holy Order of Kravalis, one of the oldest human nations on the world of Iona.

1981 – The Zyrian Independence declares itself as Edrick Nuterra defies the ascension and rule of his brother. The Kingdom of Nuterra declares war upon the Independence.

Teridos Skylar is born.

1982 – Ravaged by the War of the Schism, the people of the Crossroads declare themselves an independent nation. They receive help from the Kingdom of Ironcross, but the Circle of Ath begins a withdraw of elves from the besieged lands.

1983 – Taris Skylar, an elf from Ath, refuses to follow his elders orders. He and several of his followers establish the Skylar Knights, a mercenary organization to defend the new Crossroads Republic from the ravages of the two new empires.

1988 – Taris Skylar arranges the Treaty of Crossroads in which the Republic will now stand as a boundary between the two nations. Zyrius becomes an isolationist nation, Nuterra barely recognizes the independence of the Crossroads. The people of the Circle of Ath and the Kingdom of Ironcross formerly ally themselves with the Crossroads Republic.

1989 – Tolarin Skylar is born.

1999 – The Holy Order of Kravalis declares war upon the Zyrian Independence. Much of the Zyrian lands are laid to waste before powerful magics are unleashed upon the Order. They are forced back and the Zyrians declare themselves the Zyrian Empire. Emperor Jarlin Kendrick is crowned.

2010 – Mikayla Kaitel is born.

2018 – The Descent of the Watch occurs. Zyrius finds itself under attack by the legendary creatures known as dragons.

2021 – The Empire calls for assistance. Only the Skylar Knights answer the call, riding in to help, in an attempt to save the Empire and build better relations. Taris Skylar is killed battling the leader of the Watch. The Watch, impressed at the actions of unity among the Nilian nations, backs away to see how the nations develop.

2023 – Alyn Liendel is born.

2024 – Teridos Skylar is named Lord-Captain of the Skylar Knights.

2055-57 – The Crossroads Republic begins to break down. Tolarin Skylar tries to hold the alliance together with the help in an ally by the name of Mikayla Kaitel. The two, joined with Alyn Liendel, manage to uncover a plot to test the will of unity in the nations of Nilias by the Dragonic Watch.

2061 – Tolarin and Mikayla are wed.

2064 – Teryn Skylar is born.

2078 – The Liendel Foundation is created by Alyn Liendel.
2093 – The Liendel Foundation creates the first Astral Gate.

2094- A young Teryn Skylar infiltrates the Zyrian Empire and discovers that they are melding themselves with something he can only describe as being a demon.

2095-98 – The Skylar Knights and an allliance known as the Nilian Coalition would declare war upon the Empire of Zyrius. The Dragons of the Watch would join into an epic war that would nearly destroy the world as they defeated the demon that was nestled in the world. Teridos Skylar would die destroying the demon. Automata-Armor is invented.

2097 – The Zyiran Empire would redefine itself as the Grand Duchy of Zyrius.

2100 – The Nilian Coallition would offically become the Nilian Union.

2101 – The Skylar Knights become a international force. Teryn Skylar is promoted to Lord-Captain

2109 – Automated-Automata is invented.

2113 – Terrill Krusiel, a member of the Liendel Foundation, takes the first test flight of the Astral Ship Limitless.

2115 – Mira Skylar is born.

2117 – The Nilian Union begins operations in space.

2123 – The Nilian Union encounters the Menthean Combine. A short war takes place between the two nations. Captain Krusiel and Jeran, a Githzerai, brokers a peace between the two nations.

2129 – The Skylar Knights, under the leadership of Captain Krusiel, launches his a mission to help the Menthean Combine defeat their longtime nemesis of an evil empire of Shuagin. His work is bolstered by the use of Automated-Automata

2132 – The Alliance of Iona and Menthea is formed.

2136 – Crisis of Revival begins. Birth rates begin to incredibly drop upon Iona.

2141 – Mira Skylar and the Auotmated-Automata Darkas discover the cause of it – the creation of Automated-Automata takes the spirits of the dead that should be recycle for birth and fuses them into the machines. Mira and Darkas defeat the Automata inventor.

2144 – Under the advice of Mira and Darkas, Automated-Automata are given independence. Many begin to take up the name Ascended. The Crisis of Revival ends.

2149 – Phaeros Ironcross proposes the Unity Project to the Nilian Union.

2156 – Alyessa Tyris is born.

2162 – Unity construction begins.

2169 – Many of the Unity’s builders are killed as a previously unknown alien race emerges from the drifting stones. These aliens are known as goblins and Mira Skylar is deployed with Darkas once more to combat the goblin threat.

2174 – The Dragonic Watch grants independence to the nations of the Watchlands.

2178 – Mass immigration to the Unity begins.

2183 – The Council of the Union is established.

2184 – Alyessa Tyris is named Headmistress of the Unity Academy

2185 – Mira Skylar is named Knight-Captain of the Unity’s Skylar Knights.

2187 – At the end of the year, the Unity is launched into the Astral Seas.

2188 – The current campaign year.


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