Boldly traversing the Astral Seas – This is the Legacy of the Unity

Beyond the world of Iona lies a grand ocean of worlds and stars. From the ruins of generations of war, the nations of Nilias bound together to from a great alliance of prosperity and advancement known as the Nilian Union. As the nations of Iona settled their differences, they began to look to the heavens and wonder what lied beyond. The culmination of this was the Unity Project.

A deep-space Astral Vessel, the Unity is the flagship of the Nilian Union’s push into the stars. She is led by the Council of the Union, a committee of leaders from the nations of the Union who direct her mission into the stars. Guardianship of the Unity falls into the hands of the Skylar Knights, a knightly order who worked to maintain the bonds of the Union for countless years. Together, the Council and the Knights boldly set sail in the stellar oceans to forge a new legend for the people of the planet Iona.

Game Synopsis: We’re going all crazy with our new D&D campaign setting. You, the players, are members of the Skylar Knights as the starship Unity boldly goes where no elf has gone before. The Unity is a crazy ship with a cosmopolitan crew that numbers in most of the fantasy archetypes that exist in the D&D world. Instead of updating D&D to a science fiction setting (or playing a sci-fi RPG), we’re going with the idea that our fleet operates on a high magic society.

Legacy of the Unity

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